AmAm 4x4 Trails - Aggeneys, Namaqualand

Aggeneys, Namaqualand Aggeneys, Namaqualand
  • AmAm 4x4 Trails
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    AmAm 4x4 Trails - Things to do in Aggeneys, Namaqualand
  • AmAm 4x4 Trails
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    AmAm 4x4 Trails - Things to do in Aggeneys, Namaqualand
  • AmAm 4x4 Trails
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    AmAm 4x4 Trails - Things to do in Aggeneys, Namaqualand
  • AmAm 4x4 Trails
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    AmAm 4x4 Trails - Things to do in Aggeneys, Namaqualand
  • AmAm 4x4 Trails
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    AmAm 4x4 Trails - Things to do in Aggeneys, Namaqualand
  • AmAm 4x4 Trails
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    AmAm 4x4 Trails - Things to do in Aggeneys, Namaqualand

AmAm 4x4 Trails

Aggeneys, Namaqualand - Things to do


Man meets nature in the Bushman land, north of Springbok and things to do in Aggeneys include adventurous cruises on 4x4 machines while watching nature play in full HD. With AmAm 4x4 trails you can explore the unusual and mysterious nature of the dessert while also creating a holiday retreat that is new and unpredictably fun. The area is well known for its tranquil spaces and stunning views of the dunes. Here the sunsets melt into the dunes, creating a palate of orange and brown hues that are picturesque and delightful.

A conversation with Nature

With the Melkbos Camp, Namakwa 4x4 driving takes you for a spin where you will have a one on one personal interaction with nature. AmAm Trails takes you on trails littered with different species of wild life and springboks gallop along this path as though they were in their element. The neat camping grounds of Melkbos Camp are flanked with lush trees that form natural canopies along the camp. These campsites offer delightful views of the canvassing mountains of the bushman land. The camps are facilitated with working, flushable toilets and showers. There is hot water to wash down the heat of the dessert. Sinks and basins for dishes are also available. For the adventurer who lives on edge and would rather take a road trip than a cruise then the Namakwa area becomes a playground. The sheltered spaces are ideal for tents and camping vehicles. A more modest alternative for accommodation would be bungalows and chalets at the farm that is an equally adventurous yet cosy way to spend the nights at the site.

It's not the things to do in Aggeneys but how you do it that counts. Experiencing the Aggeneys area in a 4x4 while ramming across the desert sands with dust trailing behind is a thing worthy of note.

Accommodation near Aggeneys, Namaqualand

Verbe Farm Accommodation & Caravan Park - Kamieskroon, Caravan and Camping, Guest Farms, Self Catering

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If Kamieskroon accommodation had a soundtrack, the track would be a gentle and country. It is typical of this Northern Cape self-catering farm house to stay true to its homely and frugal tradition. The campsites too are a throwback to those typical country styled movies where everything, including the food and the air is clear and natural. 53 Km from Springbok when you take the N7 brings you to this ...

Nababeep Hills Guest House - Nababeep, Guest House, Self Catering

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This Nababeep accommodation is situated in the heart of Namaqualand and has a long history. Nababeep Hills Guest House was originally built by O'kiep Copper Company in 1968 as a guesthouse for the guests of the mines. In 2004 the mines closed and the guesthouse was available for private sale. The current owners bought the property in 2006, renovating and turning it into the gem it is today. Springbok ...

Okiep Country Hotel - Okiep, Bed and Breakfast, Hotels and Resorts, Self Catering

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This three star rated lovely Okiep accommodation is situated in the heart of Namaqualand in this historic town, once the site of the richest copper mine in the world. It is on the N7 highway and is the perfect halfway stopover for a great nights rest between Cape Town and Windhoek. All the bedrooms at this accommodation in Okiep have en suite bathrooms, air-conditioning and TV with DSTV. You ...

Bedrock Lodge - Port Nolloth, Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering

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It is believed that the house and cottages of Bedrock Lodge were built in the early 1880s or before. Plans have surfaced from as far back as the 1850s. It is said that the main house was imported in kit form from Denmark as are the wooden wall panels. The wooden floors are from the Knysna forests. The Manager of the Cape Copper company was housed in the south wing and the Harbour Master was said to ...

Gamii Goas Guest House - Port Nolloth, Backpackers Lodges, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House

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A picturesque canvas adorns this Port Nolloth guest house with bright blue skies, high tree tops and smouldering sunsets. While nature's carpenter lays it with a smouldering beach and rocky quad bike and hiking trails. Gamii Goas also has the honour of enjoying the seductive natural aura of Namaqualand. Gamii Goas has little choice but to bask in the glory one of the Northern Cape's most ...

Beach House Accommodation - Port Nolloth, Bed and Breakfast, Self Catering

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McDougall's Bay accommodation in Port Nolloth, Northern Cape uses holiday accommodation to debunk the myth that it is a dormant and mostly sleepy town. If the Beach house is anything to go by then, the myth is already debunked because there is nothing sleepy about this dreamy coastal arena. Dubbed by the Namaqua people as the place where "˜The water took the old man', Mc Dougall's ...

Desert Rose Guest House - Springbok, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House, Self Catering

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Desert Rose is an up-market Guest House, situated in the heart of Namaqualand, Springbok, offering superb B&B and self catering accommodation at reasonable rates. The guest house was built by the owners Piet and Maralynn van Zyl in 2004, who took the necessary steps to ensure that you, their guest, have all the amenities available to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Situated ...

Rendezvous Guest House - Springbok, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House

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Accommodation in Springbok takes a detour from the typical stop over with minimal luxury by adding a touch of comfort and unpretentious minimal luxury. With a name like Rendezvous, there is nothing that is left to chance at this B&B/Guesthouse with a colonial atmosphere. Set against a canvas of undulating mountains and sunny landscapes, Rendezvous guesthouse, though quaint and quiet is in close range ...

Annies Cottage B&B - Springbok, Bed and Breakfast, Guest House

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Feel at home at this Springbok accommodation where you will receive a warm, friendly welcoming. Annie's Cottage is full of charm and a "˜bit of magic', and around the town and area there is so much to see and experience. People are full of praise for the detail and thought that went into creating each room, it is a place where people love to come again, or bring friends along to ...

Biesjesfontein B&B - Springbok, Bed and Breakfast, Guest Farms, Self Catering

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This accommodation in Springbok is a log cabin perched on stilts in the heart of the Namaqualand region. Biesjesfontein B&B is surrounded by Namaqualand shrubbery and mountains and is 6 km outside of town providing a peaceful atmosphere. Biesjesfontein is close to the N7 and makes the perfect base from which to explore the region. The perfect time to stay in springbok at Biesjesfontein B&B is during ...

Things to do near Aggeneys, Namaqualand

Kamieskroon Tourism - Kamieskroon, Tourism Information

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Kamieskroon is set among the granite rock formations of the Kamiesberg range. The town's origins lie in the 1860s, 7km north of its present position. It took the name Bowesville (later Bowesdorp), after the district surgeon, Dr Henry Bowe. As there was little room to expand in the narrow kloof the town occupied, the church council decided, in 1924, to rebuild it at Kamieskroon. Kamies ...

Namabeep Tourism - Nababeep, Tourism Information

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Nababeep means "the water behind the little hill" or "the place where the giraffe drinks water" to the Nama people, after the spring at which the town was established. This is the headquarters of the Okiep Copper Company and the largest of Namaqualand's copper mining towns. A Mining Museum charting the copper boom era - in the form of relics and photographs - is a must for the visitor. An old ...

Okiep Tourism - Okiep, Tourism Information

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Okiep is the oldest mining town in South Africa where copper was first discovered and mined in 1855. It used to be the centre of South African copper mining. The large copper resources had been discovered in 1855 already and Okiep experienced an immediate boom. A railway line from Okiep to Port Nolloth was built in 1866 for shipping of the copper. Because there was not enough water for the steam ...

Aukwatowa Tours - Port Nolloth, 4X4 Driving

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Aukwatowa Tours-The insider on what to do in Port Nolloth Its sounds like a rural chant but the word Aukwatowa holds a significant meaning to the locals of Namaqualand because it means for 'Where the water took the old man away.' So it should comes as no surprise that Aukwatowa tours is the go-to for what to do in Port Nolloth. It is the ultimate guide to exploring and discovering the ever so elusive ...

Scotia Inn Restaurant - Port Nolloth, Where to eat

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Scotia Inn Restaurant is a a la carté restaurant with a bar complimented with a swimming pool and braai area, which is also open to public. There's also a lounge area for relaxation. Scotia Inn Restaurant prepares delicious dishes form steaks to seafood. The restaurant also provides catering services and it's a beautiful venue for functions such as weddings, 21 st parties, etc. Accommodation ...

Springbok Tourism - Springbok, Tourism Information

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Set in a narrow valley bisecting the granite domes of the Klein Koperberge (small copper mountains), is the principal town of Namakwa, Springbok. Shortened from Springbokfontein in 1911, it owes its existence to copper-mining undertaken after 1850 and a ready supply of water. In the late 1870s, rich copper deposits at Okiep saw most Springbok residents following their dreams to drought-stricken claims. ...

Garies Tourism - Garies, Tourism Information

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In 1845,Garies was laid out on land given to the Dutch Reformed Church by the owner of the farm Goedeverwagting. The village of Garies consists of one long street with a church, a cluster of houses and shops that are built on the banks of the stream Garies. The Nama people named this area Th'aries after the couch grass that grew along the banks of the stream and this was later changed ...

Hondeklip Bay Tourism - Hondeklip Bay, Tourism Information

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Hondeklip Bay the ocean still smells like it should since there is a constant supply of clean, fresh and invigorating air. Here peace and tranquillity is a way of life and folks live at ease with their surroundings. ...

Komaggas Tourism - Komaggas, Tourism Information

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Komaggas is one of a number of mission stations still operating in Namaqualand. These stations, with their peaceful atmosphere, serve as a precious part of the heritage left by intrepid people from many different countries and religions who were thoroughly dedicated to their beliefs. ...

Pella Tourism - Pella, Tourism Information

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Pella was founded by the London Missionary Society in 1814. It provided a sanctuary for Khoisan driven out of Namibia. The village of Pella was named after the one that gave refuge to Christians in Macedonia in biblical times. After Pella was abandoned in 1872 because of drought, the Roman Catholic Church reopened the mission in 1878. The Old Cathedral, surrounded by date palms, has a curiously ...

Steinkopf Tourism - Steinkopf, Tourism Information

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Steinkopf lies only 50 km from Springbok and the two are often seen as one. The Rhenish Mission Society founded a mission station here in 1819 to preach the gospel to the Nama people. It is still chiefly inhabited by Nama people, many of whom stay in the simple yet practical rounded Nama reed huts. Most of the breadwinners work at the mines of Namakwa. Guided tours of the region are on offer. ...

Mure Steinkopf Ausa - Steinkopf, Cultural

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Mure Steinkopf Ausa is next to the Immanuel Succulent Nursery, where tourist can get information about Steinkopf and other services such as accommodation etc. Tourists can buy handmade products from local crafters at the Mure Steinkopf Ausa. Tourist frequently visit Steinkopf, because Steinkopf is the gateway to Namibie and the Richtersveld and also to learn about the history of our ...

Rietfontein Tourism - Riefontein, Tourism Information

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Rietfontein, a working fruit farm, lies on the southern foothills of the rugged Touwsberg Mountains. With an abundance of small game and a wealth of birdlife and flora, it's the perfect getaway for nature lovers and hikers. ...

Richtersveld Tourism - Richtersveld, Tourism Information

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Richtersveld is situated in the mountains south of the giant bend of the Lower Orange River, the Heritage Site is owned and managed by the local people. Home to semi-nomadic sheep and goat herders, this remote and dramatic desert landscape has over the years welcomed only the bravest explorers and the most curious researchers. While many people already know about the Richtersveld National ...

Richtersveld Route - Richtersveld, Adventure

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The Richtersveld Route is situated in the mountainous desert in the north-west corner of South Africa. To its west is the cold and rough Atlantic Ocean while the remarkable Orange River, the largest river in South Africa, winds along its northern border. Activities on the Richtersveld Route include hiking, 4x4 trails, bird-watching, mountain biking and donkey-cart rides. Artists, seafood ...

Alexander Bay Tourism - Alexander Bay, Tourism Information

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Alexander Bay was put on the map in 1927, when Dr. Hans Merensky the "wizard" geologist of South-Africa, discovered diamonds together with oyster shells on an ancient marine terrace nearby. The discovery changed the course of history in this isolated frontier town, as fortune hunters flocked to the region. The alluvial diamond diggings were soon declared a state mine, a concern which still exists ...

Aggeneys Tourism - Aggeneys, Tourism Information

+ more details

Aggeneys is a small community, with most of the town's facilities within walking distance; this includes shopping facilites, a post office, a clinic, a pharmacy, butchery, recreational facilities, schools, a police station, etc. Climate wise, the area is semi-desert, with arid conditions in general, but boasting some of the most beautiful and scare fauna and flora in the world. ...

AmAm 4x4 Trails - Aggeneys, 4X4 Driving

+ more details

Man meets nature in the Bushman land, north of Springbok and things to do in Aggeneys include adventurous cruises on 4x4 machines while watching nature play in full HD. With AmAm 4x4 trails you can explore the unusual and mysterious nature of the dessert while also creating a holiday retreat that is new and unpredictably fun. The area is well known for its tranquil spaces and stunning views of the ...

Leliefontein Tourism - Leliefontein, Tourism Information

+ more details

Leliefontein is an attractive village with many old blue gum trees and historical buildings. An area of special historical significance is the church, its presbytery and their gardens - which is also home to the original spring and a lovely picnic area. Outside the village are a number of attractions, including old dipping troughs, threshing floors and caves. Visitors can watch ...

Vera's Kookskerm offers visitors to take their time to explore the delightful little village of Leliefontein. They invite guests to join their campfire and listen to some wonderful stories about the Namaqualand region. They have five nama huts and a kookskerm. This wonderful thing to do in Leliefontein is a great experience for all. The culture camp is the ideal place to learn about their ...

Van Wyksvlei Tourism - Van Wyksvlei, Tourism Information

+ more details

Van Wyksvlei was established in 1880 and named after a local farmer, Van Wyksvlei lies close to the first, state-funded dam, built in 1882 and still in use. San Rock Engravings can be viewed at Springbokoog. The beautiful Van Wyksvlei Dam and local salt pans is also one of the many wonders of Van Wyksvlei. ...


Map of AmAm 4x4 Trails in Aggeneys, Namaqualand


AmAm 4x4 Trails

GPS Co-Ordinates: 18° 50' 37.2" E / 29° 14' 5.7" S

By Car / Driving

Directions to AmAm 4x4 Trails in Aggeneys, Namaqualand

Departing: Upington Airport
Address: N10, Upington 8801, South Africa
Distance: 0.1 km / Duration: 3 hours 44 mins
1.Head southwest0.8 km
2.Turn left toward N100.9 km
3.Continue straight onto N10
Go through 1 roundabout
5.0 km
4.Continue onto Le Roux St/N14
Continue to follow N14
39.4 km
5.Turn right onto Main Rd/N14
Continue to follow N14
231 km
6.Turn right2.9 km
7.Turn right1.4 km
8.Turn right toward Penge Rd2.3 km
9.Continue straight onto Penge Rd0.4 km
10.Turn left onto Havelock Ave0.2 km
11.Take the 1st right onto Boliden Rd0.3 km
12.Take the 2nd left onto Deelkraal St0.5 km
13.Turn right toward Lornex St92 m
14.Take the 1st right onto Lornex St0.1 km

Nearest Airport

Upington Airport - Upington


Upington Airport is a small airport and was opened in 1968 as Pierre van Ryneveld Airport, it has a capacity to have 40 000 travellers but only has around 24 315 passengers departing and around 3 425 passengers arriving.

Upington Airport also has the longest runway in Africa, the runway was built to accommodate a Boeing 747 so that it didn't have to stop along the way to Europe.

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Pella, Namaqualand » 1 hour 11 mins 59.0 km
Springbok, Namaqualand » 1 hour 41 mins 115 km
Okiep, Namaqualand » 1 hour 50 mins 118 km
Nababeep, Namaqualand » 2 hours 0 mins 132 km
Steinkopf, Namaqualand » 2 hours 19 mins 165 km
Komaggas, Namaqualand » 2 hours 40 mins 176 km
Kamieskroon, Namaqualand » 2 hours 32 mins 181 km
Leliefontein, Namaqualand » 3 hours 5 mins 209 km
Garies, Namaqualand » 3 hours 8 mins 228 km
Hondeklip Bay, Namaqualand » 3 hours 57 mins 229 km
Port Nolloth, Namaqualand » 3 hours 33 mins 255 km
Richtersveld, Namaqualand » 3 hours 49 mins 256 km
Alexander Bay, Namaqualand » 4 hours 46 mins 340 km
Van Wyksvlei, Namaqualand » 6 hours 22 mins 460 km
Riefontein, Namaqualand » 7 hours 23 mins 465 km



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