Nanna Rous Town House - Colesberg, Upper Karoo

Colesberg, Upper Karoo Colesberg, Upper Karoo
  • Nanna Rous Town House
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    Nanna Rous Town House - Accommodation in Colesberg, Upper Karoo
  • Nanna Rous Town House
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    Nanna Rous Town House - Accommodation in Colesberg, Upper Karoo
  • Nanna Rous Town House
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    Nanna Rous Town House - Accommodation in Colesberg, Upper Karoo
  • Nanna Rous Town House
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    Nanna Rous Town House - Accommodation in Colesberg, Upper Karoo
  • Nanna Rous Town House
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    Nanna Rous Town House - Accommodation in Colesberg, Upper Karoo
  • Nanna Rous Town House
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    Nanna Rous Town House - Accommodation in Colesberg, Upper Karoo

Nanna Rous Town House

Colesberg, Upper Karoo - Accommodation

Nanna Rous Town House rating


Nanna Rous Town House is the perfect accommodation in Colesberg, Northern Cape to stop over for the night. This Bed and Breakfast was built in 1860 and its church and Manse were built in 1830 now converted into the best B&B accommodation Colesberg could offer.

Nanna Rous Town House provides comfortable, affordable accommodation for travelers and is set in a quaint Cottage Garden, you will immediately sense its tranquility and peaceful ambiance.

The B&B now has a new lounge area with an open fire and a kitchen with fridge and microwave facilities available. It has a bar or cocktail lounge if you prefer, onsite parking, a private entrance, tea and coffee making facilities as well as a braai area where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the hospitality that this accommodation in Colesberg has to offer.

Breakfast is served every morning with a choice of Continental or English breakfast.

There are six Guestrooms:
• Three family rooms
• 2 double rooms
• 1 twin room

Each room is has its own character as they have been decorated individually. The rooms are equipped with en-suit showers, electric blankets and heaters for the winter nights and ceiling fans for the hot summer months. Colesberg accommodation only offers the best in facilities for its guests.

The Burgundy Room: sleeps 2-5
A private family room that consists of two separate rooms, the main room has a double bed with an en-suit bathroom and the inter-leading room has a single bed and a comfortable bunk bed.

The Blue Room: sleeps 2
A private and luxurious room with a double bed and an en-suit bathroom (bath only).

The Manse: sleeps 2-4
A family room, that consists of two separate rooms. The main room has a double bed with en-suit bathroom and the inter-leading room has two single beds. There is also a private entrance.

The Chapel: sleeps 2-4
A traditional family room with two single beds, a bunk bed and an en-suit bathroom.

The Cattle Post: sleeps 2
A delightful room with a double bed and an en-suit bathroom.

The Alley: sleeps 2
A spacious room with two single beds and an en-suit bathroom.

Stay in Colesberg at Nanna Rous Town house and have a warm and peaceful experience, Madi and Kenneth offer unequaled hospitality and look forward to welcoming you to their Guest House.

Facilities & Amenities includes:

Facilities available at Nanna Rous Town House, Colesberg, Upper Karoo

Establishment Facilities
  • Animal Friendly
  • BBQ
  • Children Welcome
  • Internet
  • Laundry
  • Restaurant
  • Secure Parking
Room Amenities
  • Non Smoking
  • Television

Accreditations & Gradings:

Accreditations for Nanna Rous Town House, Colesberg, Upper Karoo

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Directions to Nanna Rous Town House

Map of Nanna Rous Town House in Colesberg, Upper Karoo


Directions to Nanna Rous Town House

GPS Co-Ordinates: 25° 5' 50.7" E / 30° 43' 5.7" S

By Car / Driving

Driving to Nanna Rous Town House in Colesberg, Upper Karoo

Departing: Bloemfontein Airport
Address: D F Malherbe Avenue, Bloemfontein 9323, South Africa
Distance: 234 km / Duration: 2 hours 17 mins
1. Head south
Go through 1 roundabout
1.9 km
2. Turn right to merge onto N8 toward Bloemfontein 7.2 km
3. Turn left onto Nelson Mandela Rd 1.2 km
4. Turn left onto Markgraaff St 0.6 km
5. Continue onto President Boshof St 0.7 km
6. Continue onto Kolbe Ave 1.0 km
7. Continue onto Curie Ave 1.8 km
8. Continue onto Jagersfontein Rd 2.7 km
9. Turn left to merge onto N1 toward Colesberg 154 km
10. Turn left to stay on N1 60.9 km
11. Take the exit toward R58 0.4 km
12. Turn right onto R58 0.7 km
13. Continue onto Station Rd 0.2 km
14. Turn right onto Main Rd 0.2 km
15. Turn left onto D' Urban Row
Destination will be on the right
0.4 km

Nearest Airport

Bloemfontein Airport - Bloemfontein


President Jacob Zuma renamed Bloemfontein International Airport to Bram Fischer International Airport on 13 December 2012. Bram Fischer was a lawyer notable for anti-apartheid activism.

Bram Fischer International Airport caters for more than 400 000 passengers per year and is only 15 kilometres from Bloemfontein city centre.

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Reviews for Nanna Rous Town House


Nanna Rous Town House reviewer rating

So peaceful and welcoming!!!

Reviewer: Mr. Sean Tindale
Country: South Africa
Posted: August, 17th 2012 11:36 AM

"Home from Home"

Nanna Rous Town House reviewer rating

9 April 2012 - Quiet, Clean, Comfy and always at Home!!!!

Reviewer: Ms. Marita Gradewell
Country: South Africa
Posted: August, 17th 2012 11:14 AM

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